Kai Paquin is a freelance sound designer, and a graduate of Sound Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. As of 2015, he’s edited for over 60 short films and animations; worked on 6 feature length indie films; and has provided production sound on dozens more.

My Services

Sound Effects & Backgrounds Editing

Sound effects editing for film, television, documentary, animation, trailers, and game cinematics

Dialog & ADR Editing

OMF/AAF assembly and editorial. Ensuring sync before mix.

Foley Editing

Ensuring performance sync, and session cleanup

Music Editing

Song editorial for picture sync

Session Conforming

Refitting sound sessions to match new picture cuts

M&E Preparation

Preparing sound sessions for worldwide distribution

Field Recording

Recording custom sound effects and ambiences to suit a project’s needs

Sound Library Upkeep and Development

Metadata management and updating

Sound Design

Designed sound creation to fit unique content