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I’m excited to announce that Steve Gleason Documentary is going to Sundance. It was an honor working on this documentary with One Sequoia studios cutting SFX, BGs, and Foley.

Red Dot Award

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I’m excited to announce that N0-A an animation I supervised earlier this year has won best sound design at the Red Dot design summit for 2015.

N0-A will be featured as part of the communication awards block this November in Essen Germany, and will be featured in the Design Center of Nordrhein.

I can’t express how proud I am of my team Tom and Matt for their contributions to this project. They really brought their A game to this project, and it paid off.

Additionally, Sea Odyssey another short film I helped edit for has won a red dot for best Film & Animation as well. Congratulations to Adam and his team in their accomplishment.

Thanks to Liam for the opportunity to provide sound to such an amazing project. And many thanks to all the amazing members of our visual effects team that worked tirelessly for months to produce such an amazing animation.



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I’m excited to announce, I am fully graduated. Some exciting projects are on the horizon!

First off, Sugartown, my first feature I supervised is finally coming to a close. Our mixer Stefano Campello is hard at work finishing the mix up in New York and we predict to be done in late August 2015!
Check out the trailer here

Next up, I’m supervising another feature, this time in documentary form.

Strangers project is a documentary I have been working on with Susan O’Brian for a while, doing production sound, installation sound, and now post sound. Check out more about it on the project website: Strangers Project Film

Finally, I’m doing additional editing on two other features, The Lower Rooms and As is Remembered. More updates to come as those develop further


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Congratulations to my directors Liam Murphy and Sophia Yu on their achievements winning best of show 2015 at SCAD’s animation showcase. Hopefully this marks a long series of awards in the near future!

11377344_10153640319902289_6941967513494490267_n Trophy

Additionally, congratulations to my director Adam Nelson for being nominated this year for the student academy award on his newest film Schoolcraft.

Golden Reels

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I’m proud to announce our team’s submission for the Vern’s field golden reel was nominated and won the 62nd student film sound award. Sea Odyssey was a project I was heavily involved with from day one. The short was shot over a period of 6 weekends, where I worked as boom op. and mixer. On post production I was the dialog editor and dialog mixer.

I’m really happy to have played a crucial part in such a large production, and I’m glad to have seen our team won.

More importantly than winning, I got to meet and hang out with some really amazing student editors during our stay there. I really hope I have a chance to work with some of these people in the future. During our screening at Sony, I was incredibly impressed with their works, and hope for the best on their move out to LA this year.


Photo Left to Right: Jacob Flack, Melissa Terry, Beau Jimenez, Eolyne Arnold, Kai Paquin