Golden Reels

I’m proud to announce our team’s submission for the Vern’s field golden reel was nominated and won the 62nd student film sound award. Sea Odyssey was a project I was heavily involved with from day one. The short was shot over a period of 6 weekends, where I worked as boom op. and mixer. On post production I was the dialog editor and dialog mixer.

I’m really happy to have played a crucial part in such a large production, and I’m glad to have seen our team won.

More importantly than winning, I got to meet and hang out with some really amazing student editors during our stay there. I really hope I have a chance to work with some of these people in the future. During our screening at Sony, I was incredibly impressed with their works, and hope for the best on their move out to LA this year.


Photo Left to Right: Jacob Flack, Melissa Terry, Beau Jimenez, Eolyne Arnold, Kai Paquin